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Steve Johnson in Liverpool on 17/02/14


Steve Johnson

The Man who dreams the future

I was born in Coventry, November 21st 1968, the youngest of four. We moved to a small mining town a few miles north of the city when I was a baby, I still live in this same town.

My mum passed away after battling cancer when I was aged 15; my dad, who was a heavy drinker, passed away in 1993.

I met my wife in 1989, we’d bought our own place by 1991, and were married just a few weeks before my dad died. We had our first daughter in 1994, followed by another in 1996, and our son was born 1999….

At some point during 1998, I suddenly began to dream about my parents a lot, and the house and council estate where I’d lived as a kid. I dismissed these¬† dreams initially, but then I realised, that not only was I dreaming about my mum and dad a lot, and the home and streets of my childhood; I was waking from these dreams the same time, every time. 222am.

This happened numerous times: mum, dad, council estate, 222am. I began to take note of what I was actually seeing in these dreams, and then, when 9/11 happened, it was clear the events of that day were exactly what I’d been talking about. My dead parents had led me to the future.

The dreams continued, my now so very profound life continued, and so in 2003 I decided I was going to do something about it. I was going to prove it. This led to forming relationships with a Surrey based film maker, an ITV news editor, a BBC broadcaster, many other media types and then, crucially, parapsychologist Stephen Mera Bsc.

Stephen is founder of ‘the scientific establishment of parapsychology’, (SEP), he’s also an author, lecturer, and has been involved with, and extensively studied the subject, of paranormal for over thirty years. The ethos of all investigation of claims of alleged innate abilities, carried out by SEP, is to find rational explanation and conclusion. I promised Mr. Mera, indeed, I warned him, where I’m concerned, the rational explanation he so keenly strives for will not be found. It will not be found because it cannot be explained.

Stephen and I agreed that I would send him all alleged precognitive information through electronic email, to be date time stamped and logged, and therefore, replicable and provable.

It didn’t take long for Stephen Mera to see exactly why I’d promised him, and warned him, what he was taking on with me would blow his mind. To this day, I continue to mail SEP with precognitive information, which then happens. To this day, all the aforementioned here are still very much involved with the man who originates from a council estate, and sees the future………

Stephen Mera quotes:
‘If you look through Mr. Johnson’s precognitive information you will quickly realise that little to no interpretation is required and in many cases, the information cannot refer to anything but the event that later took place. This simply demonstrates that his accuracy of predicting certain events in the future is much higher than those considered to be world renowned prophets, and yet, the general public take such information as factual, when in fact there is no supporting evidence to such claims’

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